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Candeo Lava Rock is a natural value-added agricultural product that enhances plant growth, increases crop yield and conserves production costs.


Candeo Lava Rock wicks up water and soluble fertilizer nutrients in your plant’s top main root zones—acting like a reservoir.
The result?

Yield more on your crops

Supplementing soil with Candeo Lava Rock increases root development which improves plant health and protects against drought and potential plant stress.

Save water

Highly porous Candeo Lava Rock holds moisture in the top main root zones of the soil so you can cut down on watering by up to 25% to 35%.

Use less fertilizer

Candeo Lava Rock retains soluble fertilizer nutrients in the top main root zones, potentially saving up to 50% of your fertilizer requirements, according to field trials.

How it Works

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Did you know?

In a recent trial study by Holden Research and Consulting of Camarillo, California the Candeo Lava Rock increased strawberry production yield by USD$2,565/acre on top of an estimated saving of $400/acre in reduced water and fertilizer costs.

No significant differences were noted in production in this trial. But increasing numerical yields occurred through the use of the Candeo Lava Rock raw product and these differences did correlate slightly to the amount utilized in the beds. The best production seems to correlate to the use of the lava product and the grower’s reduction in fertilizer.

In turn better production was also noted with less water when the use of the lava was compared to full water and reduced seasonal water. All of this would suggest that the Candeo Lava Rock is helping to hold water in the root zone, when less water is utilized. But it would also seem to indicate that more plant necessary nutrients are also being retained in the root zone due to the use of the lava. All of which is beneficial in times of drought and desire to reduce nutrient leaching out of the root zone.

– Conclusion of Holden Research

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